Triple Channel ph/mV/ION Laboratory Bench Meter Kit | SmartCHEM Ion 3

$1,686.00 USD
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  • Fully programmable for any Monovalent or Divalent Anion or Cation.
  • Simultaneous display of
    • Specific Ion, pH or mV
    • Temperature
    • Date & Time
  • Automatic Stability Function
  • PIN Code Access
  • Programmable "Calibration Due" Alarm
  • 240 x 64 dot graphic display with large digits, full text messages and backlight.
  • 2730 reading memory with Automatic Datalogging.
  • RS232 computer interface port.
  • Automatic calibration.
  • Readout of probe condition for instant troubleshooting.
  • Fully waterproof design.



The smartCHEM-Ion3 is a research grade Specific Ion/pH/mV meter with all the features expected in today's modern laboratories. It features 3 individual channels which can each be programmed for Specific Ions, pH or mV. 

The smartCHEM-Ion3 comes with a 1200 reading memory. Readings can be recorded manually, or automatically logged at preset intervals.

RS232 Serial Port Interface
The capabilities of the smartCHEM-Ion3 have been expanded with the RS232 port, which is standard equipment (cable sold separately). All readings stored in memory can be downloaded to an RS232 printer or PC. The RS232 port also allows the smartCHEM-Ion3 to log directly to the printer or PC. WinTPS Communication software for Windows 3.1 or 95, 98 & ME is available.

Automatic Stability Function (ASF)
ASF adds an extra level of versatility to the smartCHEM-Ion3. When ASF is activated, the smartCHEM-Ion3 monitors all parameters that are currently in use. When ALL parameters become stable, the readings are frozen on the display. ASF is automatically activated with extra fine settings during calibration, to ensure the most accurate possible results for the user.

ASF can also be used during Manual and Automatic Datalogging. When used during Automatic Datalogging, the smartCHEM-Ion3 will log until a stable end-point is reached for all parameters, then stop logging.

Good Laboratory Practices
To comply with GLP guidelines, the date, time and results of the last calibration are stored in memory, along with the instrument’s serial number. This data can be displayed or sent to the RS232 port. All readings stored in memory are stamped with the date and time. Warning of failed calibration is provided.

A calibration alarm can be programmed to whichever parameters the user chooses. The alarm can be set for Daily, Weekly, 2 Weekly or 4 Weekly. The calibration alarm can also be switched off.

PIN Code Access
The Access Code is system is provided for those users who need to ensure the integrity of recorded data, calibration settings and so forth. The Access Code function will prevent anyone who does not know the code from entering the menu system. Keys that are available during normal measurement, (Store, Print, Autolog and F1 to F5 ) are still available without the Access Code. This means that others are still able to carry out day-to-day work.

Easy to use
The smartCHEM-Ion3 has a 240 x 64 dot graphic display. It features a user-friendly menu system, making the manual virtually unnecessary. Full-text help and error messages are provided. All readings and messages are provided in large, bold characters. 

Automatic Calibration
Where necessary, the user is able to define the standards to be used for calibration. For pH calibration, the smartCHEM-Ion3 is programmed to automatically recognise the most popular buffers, making calibration a breeze. Any non-standard buffer value can be entered during calibration. 

Karl Fischer Measurements
A polarisation output is provided for Karl Fischer moisture titrations. 

Reliability and Service
The smartCHEM-Ion3 is fully waterproof to IP65, so it is suitable for even the harshest laboratory or factory environments. 
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