EC Sensor - Ranger

$919.00 AUD
Includes GST

Designed for the real world, the tough, solid graphite Conductivity sensor is ready for the harshest environments. Contamination? No problem. rinse, wipe, scrub. Clean it any way you need to get back to work. No fragile sensing plates, no glass. Utilising wide-ranging technology, this sensor has got you covered from creek to ocean, eliminating the cost of extra sensors. Zero EC and temperature calibration handled at the TPS factory saves time and errors. Sensor health tracking and the option for multiple calibration points give you transparency and flexibility.

Note: Cable not included. Purchase 1m3m5m or 10m cables separately.


EC Range 0 - 200 mS/cm
TDS Range 0 - 100 g/L (100ppt)
Salinity Range 0.00 to 80.00 ppt 0.000 to 8.000 %
Resolution Auto Ranging Up to 4 Significant Digits
Accuracy ±0.5% < 200 mS/cm
EC Sensor Type 4 Cell Graphite K 0.42
Temperature Sensor Integrated