Service and Repair


We claim the fastest Service in the industry !

Get your instrument repaired and working in record time


TPS is the industry leader in service times.

We get it done and get it back to you straight away.

We don't waste your time or try the shifty "upsell" to a new unit.

If it can be repaired we'll do it. and you'll have it back ASAP.


Step 1.

Call us on 07 3205 8027 to see if we can help you solve your problem (optional)

Step 2.

Complete the Service Form and print it 


Step 3.

Send your instrument, sensors and Service Form to us at:

TPS Service Department
1/8 Bult Drive
Brendale QLD 4500


Step 4.

Wait for a very short time 


Step 5.

Get back to your business