Mc-85 Sound Level Meter



The MC-85 provides fast, accurate measurements of Sound Level from 30 to 130 dB. The A & C frequency weighting networks conform to the IEC 651 type 2 standard. 'A' weighting simulates the response of the human ear while 'C' weighting has a near flat response for checking vibration noises.

Fast and slow time weighting is also provided. 'Fast' response is similar to the response time of the human ear. 'Slow' response is used to obtain an average reading of vibration sound levels. The MC-85 can be calibrated from an external calibrator. An internal source is also provided for quick checks. 

The LCD display has large, easy to read digits. A low battery warning is displayed when the battery requires replacement. A NiCad battery and charger option is available.


30 to 80 dB
50 to 100 dB
80 to 130 dB

Resolution...0.1 dB

Accuracy.....+/-1.5 dB at 125Hz to 1kHz

Weighting....A & C Weighting meets IEC651 type 2 standard

Fast = 200ms
Slow = 500ms

Display......18mm LCD, max 1999

Power........9V Alkaline Battery for 75 Hrs

Dimensions...247 x 78 x 35 mm

Mass.........Approx 300g

0 to 50 oC
0 to 90% R.H.

Ordering Information

Part No
MC-85 Sound Meter....... 125102

Kit Includes
9V Battery..............130026
MC-85 Manual............130050

Aluminium Carry Case....130057
External 94dB/1kHz......125105
Calibrator, Model SC-940

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