Mc-83 Portable Humidity and Temperature Meter



The MC-83 provides convenient, accurate measurements of Relative Humidity and Temperature. The sensor is supplied with 1 metre of cable, allowing readings to be taken in hard to reach places. With the Data Hold function, measurements can be taken in rapidly changing environments.

Additionally, the MC-83 can be set to record Maximum, Minimum and Average Relative Humidity and Temperature data. The MC-83 uses a precision thin-film capacitance sensor for Relative Humidity and a precision thermistor sensor for temperature measurements. Both sensors are designed for fast response in air.

The LCD display has large, easy to read digits and shows both readings simultaneously. A low battery warning is displayed when the battery requires replacement. TheMC-83 comes complete with full operating instructions and a 9V battery.


10% to 95% R.H.
0 to 50 oC
32 to 122 oF

0.1 % R.H.
0.1 oC
0.1 oF

+/-3% R.H.
+/-0.8 oC
+/-1.5 oF

Display......Custom dual readout LCD

Power........9V Alkaline Battery for 60 Hrs

Dimensions...185 x 78 x 38 mm

Mass.........Approx 200g

0 to 50 oC
0 to 90% R.H. (instrument)

Ordering Information

Part No
MC-83 Instrument..........126106

Kit Includes
Plastic Carry Case......MC83CASE
9V Battery................130026
MC-83 Manual..............130050

75% Humidity Standard.....130090
12% Humidity Standard.....130091

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