Labchem-ph Benchtop Ph - Mv - Temperature Meter


At last - a pH meter that has all the features required for precision laboratory work, but which is easy enough for anybody to use. 

The 16 character alphanumeric display has huge 14.5mm digits. It features simultaneous readout of pH/mV and temperature and user-friendly full-text messages.

The new Automatic Stability Function (ASF) makes taking readings absolutely simple. When all the readings have fully stabilised, the ASF system will freeze the display and show a tick. The reading can then be recorded as required. The user can also disable the ASF system.

The labCHEM-pH is ideal for Quality Control laboratories, plant operators, educational use and many other purposes. It has been designed primarily for ease of use. Operators with little or no laboratory experience can operate the labCHEM-pH with complete confidence quickly and easily.

The labCHEM-pH is fully waterproof to IP65, so it is suitable for even the harshest laboratory or factory environments. It has just four keys to make operation of the labCHEM-pH absolutely simple.

Calibration of the labCHEM-pH is fully automatic at the press of just one key. The meter automatically recognises buffers and calibrates itself accordingly. The electrode asymmetry and slope are displayed at calibration, allowing for preventative maintenance and instant troubleshooting.

Expand the capabilities of the labCHEM-pH with the optional RS232 interface. All readings obtained with the labCHEM-pH can be stored permanently on disk. The WinTPS software package is also available, allowing the labCHEM-CP to communicate with a PC running Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 & XP.

An analogue recorder output is another option. This provides an interface with pen type recorders or dataloggers with analogue input. A polarisation output makes it possible to use the labCHEM-pH for moisture measurements using the Karl Fischer titration method.

The labCHEM-pH operates from an AC/DC power adaptor. Adaptors are available for all countries.
The labCHEM-pH is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. Our aim is to provide you with the best quality, service and value for money. The TPS Quality System has been certified in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO 9001 standard. Since 1968, TPS has built a reputation for excellent backup service that is second to none.

Product price

Product ID Product options Price
121104 labCHEM-pH pH-mV-Temp Meter with pH & Temp sensors ( now fitted with RS232) $787.00


Range : 0 to 14.00 pH
Resolution : 0.01 pH
Accuracy : +/-0.01pH

Range : 0 to +/-600.0 and 0 to +/-1500 mV (auto-ranging)
Resolution : 0.1 & 1 mV
Accuracy : +/-0.15 & +/-1 mV

Range : -10.0 to 120.0 oC
Resolution : 0.1 oC
Accuracy : +/-0.2 oC
Input Impedance
>3 x 1012 Ohms

Asymmetry Range
-1.00 to +1.00 pH
Slope Range
85.0 to 105.0%

Temperature Compensation
0 to 100 oC, automatic or manual. The labCHEM-PH automatically detects whether or not the temperature sensor is connected. 

Automatic Buffer Recognition
4.01, 6.86, 7.00, 9.18 and 10.01 pH

Tough, high impact ABS. Waterproof case and connectors. 

14.5mm high, 16 character alphanumeric LCD with full-text messages. 

RS232 Serial Port Output (Optional) 1200, 9600, 19200 or 38400 Baud.
8 Bits, No Parity, 1 Stop Bit, XON/XOFF

Recorder Output (Optional)
0 to 2000mV Output for...
0.00 to 14.00 pH
-1500 to 1500 mV
-10.0 to 120.0 oC
Output impedance approx 1000 Ohms

12V AC/DC Power Adaptor.

240 x 180 x 105 mm

Instrument only : Approx 1.0kg
Full Kit : Approx 2.5kg

Temperature : 0 to 45 oC
Humidity : 0 to 90% R.H.

Ordering Information

Part No
labCHEM-pH pH/mV-Temp.........121104

Kit Includes
pH Sensor, 1m Surface only....121207
Temperature/ATC Sensor........121248
pH7.00 Buffer, 200mL..........121387
pH4.01 Buffer, 200mL..........121381
AC/DC Power Adaptor...........130037

Optional Sensors
pH Sensor Upgrade for difficult samples such as meat,dairy,slurries... pH, 
Intermediate Junc, 1m.....121200/1

ORP Sensors:
ORP, Surface only, 1m.........121262
ORP, Intermediate Junc, 1m....121269
ORP Calibration Solution......121309

Optional Sensors
Click the following links for details on the TPS range of sensors...
pH Sensors
Redox (ORP) Sensors

Part No
Options and Accessories

Computer Interface:
RS232 Serial Port & cable.......130039
Serial to USB adaptor cable.....130087
WinTPS Software for Windows.....130086

Recorder Output & cable.........130028
RS232 + Recorder Output & cable.130049

Sensor Holder:
Flexible Sensor Holder..........130088

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