Aqua-dy Waterproof Dissolved Oxygen - Temperature Meter


The Aqua-DY is a waterproof, easy-to-use, Dissolved Oxygen meter with ppM, % Saturation and Temperature readouts. It provides accurate, reliable measurements, and is very easy to use.
Genuine one-touch calibration puts an end to time-consuming calibration procedures.

Rugged and Reliable
TPS has used the latest microprocessor electronics to totally eliminate all internal and external adjustments. The result is a dramatic increase in reliability. The unit is ideal for field or factory use.

The Dissolved Oxygen sensor is designed
for maximum durability in field and factory environments.

24 Character Alphanumeric Display
The two-line, 24 character display shows the Dissolved Oxygen reading plus temperature simultaneously. Alternatively, a Large Digit mode is available. This shows one reading at a time at almost double the size. To simply use of the Aqua-DY, plain English prompts and error messages are provided. There are no codes to interpret like some other brands. 

One-touch Calibration
Calibration of the Aqua-DY could not be simpler. 
Just place the sensor into Zero solution or air and press the Calibrate key. That's all there is to it ! The Aqua-DY displays sensor condition after calibration has been completed, allowing for preventative maintenance. All calibration information is stored in memory when the Aqua-DY is switched off, even if the battery is removed.

Salinity Correction
Salinity correction for ppM Dissolved Oxygen readings is a breeze. Simply enter the Salinity value and the Aqua-DY does the rest ! 

Low Battery Drain
The Aqua-DY will provide in excess of 100 hours of continuous use with an alkaline 9 volt battery.
A handy battery-saver function switches the Aqua-DY off after 5 minutes if no keys have been pressed. This function can also be disabled for continuous operation.

Temperature Compensation
Correct temperature compensation is vital for accurate Dissolved Oxygen measurements. The Aqua-DY compensates for membrane permeability for all readings and also for Dissolved Oxygen solubility in ppM mode.

Australian Quality
The Aqua Series is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. Our aim is to provide you with the best quality, service and value for money. The TPS Quality System has been certified in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO 9001 standard. Since 1968, TPS has built a reputation for excellent backup service that is second to none.

Product price

Product ID Product options Price
123144/1 AQUA-DY Waterproof Dissolved Oxygen Meter with 1m cable & YSI sensor $1,185.00
123144/3 AQUA-DY with 3 metre cable & YSI DO2 sensor $1,206.00
123144/5 AQUA-DY with 5 metre cable & YSI DO2 sensor $1,226.00


ppM (mg/L)
Range : 0 to 25.0 ppM
Resolution : 0.1 ppM
Accuracy : +/-0.1 ppM

% Saturation
Range : 0 to 250.0 %Sat'n
Resolution : 0.1 %Sat'n
Accuracy : +/-0.3 %Sat'n

Temperature Range : -10.0 to 120.0 oC (sensor limit 45 oC)
Resolution : 0.1 oC
Accuracy : +/-0.2 oC

Salinity Correction
User-set, from 0 to 50.0 ppK NaCl

Sensor Type
Clark type polarographic sensor with inbuilt ATC

Automatic one-touch calibration in Zero solution and in Air

Sensor Zero Range
0 to 7 %

Sensor Span Range
70 to 135 %

Temperature Calibration
Automatic calibration against reference thermometer

Temp Sensor Offset Range
-10.0 to +10.0 oC

Temperature Compensation
Dual automatic system for :
1. Membrane permeability
2. Solubility compensation in ppM mode

Tough, ABS plastic case, waterproof to IP65

24 Character alphanumeric LCD with full-text prompts and error messages. 

Battery Saver Function
On : Automatically switches off after 5 minutes of no use.
Off : Unit remains on for continuous use.

9V Alkaline battery for 100+ hours.

157 x 78 x 35 mm

Instrument only : Approx 250g
Full Kit : Approx 1.5kg

Temperature : 0 to 45 oC
Humidity : 0 to 90% R.H.

Ordering Information

Part No Aqua-DY DO2-Temp 1m...........123144/1
Aqua-DY DO2-Temp 3m...........123144/3 
Aqua-DY DO2-Temp 5m...........123144/5

1, 3 & 5 metre Options Include
1 metre bundle 123144/1:
DO2 Sensor YSI5739 (no cable).123204
1m cable for Sensor (YSI5739).123212
Membrane & filling sol'n kit..123300
9V Alkaline Battery ..........130026

3 metre bundle 123144/3:
DO2 Sensor YSI5739 (no cable).123204
3m cable for Sensor (YSI5739).123221
Membrane & filling sol'n kit..123300
9V Alkaline Battery ..........130026

5 metre bundle 123144/5:
DO2 Sensor YSI5739 (no cable).123204
5m cable for Sensor (YSI5739).123222
Membrane & filling sol'n kit..123300
9V Alkaline Battery ..........130026

Part No
Options and Accessories

BOD Dissolved Oxygen Sensors:
YSI non-stirring BOD Sensor....123214 (1.5m cable)
YSI self-stirring BOD Sensor...123213 (1.5m cable) (Mains power required)

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Maintenance:
YSI5739 Field Sensor & Non Stir BOD
Membrane & filling sol'n kit...123300
Filling Solution only, 45mL....123303
Zero calibrate Sodium Sulphite.123302
Rejuvenation kit...............123037
Diaphragm replacement kit......123304
(123304 for YSI5739 Sensor Only)

YSI Self-Stirring BOD Sensor
Membrane Cap Kit...............123308

Cable Extension:
Extra cable, per metre.........130040

Carry case:
Aluminium Carry Case...........130057

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