Product Guide - Waterproof Handheld WP Guide


  • Rugged and Waterproof
  • Portable
  • User -friendly
  • Good Laboratory Practices
  • Automatic Datalogging
  • USB data download (optional)
  • Multiple Power Options
The WP series enclosure is fully waterproof to IP67 rating. The case, keypad and connectors are designed for maximum duribility in the harshest conditions. The WP series is equally suitbale at home, in laboratory, field or industrial environments. To comply with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) standards, the WP series stores the date, time and results of the last calibration. This information can be recalled when required. All reading stored in the memory are stamped with the date and time. The WP series includes 8 different models which cover a range of parameters and are available in kits which include your chosen sensors, buffers and standards.

The WP-80D consists of dual channels (2 pH sensor or ORP sensor ports).

The WP-80M is specifically designed for the meat industry, each meter is fitted with the Bendalls equation which is essential for Australian grading standards.

Here is a guide on the WP series models and which parameters they measure:

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