Product Guide- Benchtop Range


  • Simultaneous readouts
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Splash proof Design
  • Easy to use and Automatic calibration
  • Automatic Stability Function
  • USB data download (optional)

SmartChem and LabChem Series

The Aqua series weatherproof handheld meters provide accurate and reliable measurements which are very simple and easy to use.

This series covers a wide range of essential parameters including
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • ORP
  • Dissolved oxygen and specific ions
  • Features:

    • Tough, all steel construction
    • Bright LED display
    • Manual controls
    • Easy to use
    • Choice of 3 colours (Red, Blue and Silver)

    pH CUBE

    The pH Cube meter is a compact benchtop unit which is perfect for education and QA labs.

    The pH Cube provides accurate and reliable measurements of
  • pH
  • ORP and temperature
  • simple and very easy to use
  • Here is a guide on our benchtop models and which parameters they measure:

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