pH Cube

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  • Tough, All-Steel Construction
  • Large, Bright LED Display
  • Mode Enunciator
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate and Reliable
  • Designed for Universities, Colleges, Schools and Q.A. Laboratories

pH Cube by TPS

The pH Cube has been specifically designed for use in Q.A. and educational teaching laboratories. 

We asked these customers what they wanted, and the answers were...
- Tough, student-proof enclosure
- Large display that can be read easily from a distance
- Traditional manual controls, rather than push-button microprocessor design
- Compact, with small footprint

The resulting pH Cube meets all of these requirements, making it perfect for this market.
The pH Cube enclosure is 1.0mm powder-coated steel. It will withstand the roughest treatment in any laboratory.
The bright LED display has 12.7mm digits. With a front panel angle of 60 degrees, the display can be read from a distance of several metres in most light conditions.

The footprint of the pH Cube is particularly noteworthy. At just 123 x 123 x 123mm, it is one of the most compact benchtop units available. There is room for a pH Cube on every lab bench!

For added convenience, the pH Cube is supplied with a rod and clamp probe holder.

At a price below most portable instruments, the pH Cube represents remarkable value for money.

The pH Cube is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. Our aim is to provide you with the best quality, service and value for money. The TPS Quality System has been certified in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO 9001 standard. For over 30 years, TPS has built a reputation for excellent backup service that is second to none.

Range : 0 to 14.00 pH
Resolution : 0.01 pH
Accuracy : +/-0.01pH

Range : 0 to +/-1999 mV
Resolution : 1 mV
Accuracy : +/-1 mV

Range : -10.0 to 120.0 oC
Resolution : 0.1 oC
Accuracy : +/-0.2 oC

Input Impedance
>3 x 1012 Ohms

Asymmetry Range
-1.00 to +1.00 pH

Slope Range
85.0 to 105.0%

Temperature Compensation
0 to 100 oC, automatic or manual. The Manual Temperature control is disabled when the temperature sensor is connected.

Tough, 1.0mm powder coated steel. Splash resistant clam-shell lid design. 

12.7mm LED with mode enunciator.

12V DC, 200mA AC/DC adaptor. AC/DC adaptors available for all countries. 

123 x 123 x 123 mm

Mass Instrument only : Approx 850g
Full Kit : Approx 2.0kg

Temperature : 0 to 45 oC
Humidity : 0 to 95% R.H.

  • pH Cube in Your Colour Choice (Red, Blue, Silver)
  • Your Choice of pH Probe (Standard, Premium)
  • Power Supply
  • Temperature Probe
  • 200ml pH 7 Buffer
  • 200ml pH 4 Buffer
  • Probe Holding Arm 
  • Instruction Manual