Case Studies

Toxfree (Part of the Cleanaway Group)


Toxfree is one of Australia’s leading environmental and waste management service providers.   For many years, they have employed reliable and sustainable practices to reduce waste products for industrial sectors, creating a safer environment for Australians.

Many present day manufacturers produce toxic effluents, especially within industries that process materials such as paper, textiles, photochemicals, plastics, products from mining and metallurgy.  One of the main toxins produced is cyanide, and depending on its form and exposure - it can be poisonous and even lethal to living organisms.

Toxfree has helped many organisations with their waste management programs, including the removal of toxic cyanide from industrial wastewater. Cyanide is a carbon - nitrogen radical and is commonly treated by the alkaline-chlorination-oxidation method.    This process involves chlorine or hypochlorite treating the cyanide effluent to produce sodium cyanate, which is further oxidised to produce carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Throughout this process, pH and ORP are the most important  parameters to be measured and it was only natural that Toxfree had chosen to use TPS Australian made instruments.  The TPS miniChem pH and miniChem ORP process monitors were the perfect solution for this complex process as they are easy to install and easy to use, and also waterproof and very durable.   

The miniChem series is designed and manufactured in Australia under the TPS Quality System which has been certified in accordance with AS/NZS ISO9001 Standards.



Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee 


The Mary River Catchment is a major river system of South East Queensland and the Wide Bay Burnett regions, spanning across 9595 square kilometers.  It is one of most complex catchments in Queensland, joined by nineteen tributaries and is home to a diverse range of native flora and fauna.  The Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee (MRCCC) is a non profit organisation who are devoted to promoting and maintaining sustainability within the catchment area by working with the community through education, awareness and planning.   

The dedicated MRCCC Waterwatch volunteers conduct monthly water tests within areas of the catchment in order to monitor water quality and to record any observed changes over time. Furthermore, observations of the local aquatic fauna and general river flow conditions are also recorded. TPS instruments are the preferred choice of water testing equipment used by the committee and its volunteers, due to the meters accuracy and simplicity.  The instruments currently being used are the durable and waterproof WP-81 meters to accurately measure temperature, pH, total dissolved salts, salinity and ORP.   The waterproof WP-82Y meters are also being used to measure the dissolved oxygen levels in the catchment.  The popular 90FLT multiparameter  meter is also frequently used by the committee as it measures turbidity in addition to all other important parameters.

The committee also plays a valuable role in monitoring threatened aquatic and terrestrial fauna species such as frogs, fish, turtles and koalas.  The MRCCC conduct many programs which aim to protect and rehabilitate ecosystems to ensure biodiversity is conserved and sustainable practices are maintained. 

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Pelican Waters Heart Pty Ltd


The master planned Pelican Waters residential community is a 30 year old project having developed more than 2,800 homes sites plus the infrastructure to meet ongoing growth and popularity of the area.  The Pelican Waters development has delivered a wide range of lifestyle assets to southern Sunshine Coast areas with canals and lakes, parks and extended green space for sporting clubs and mixed recreational use, as well as the investment in Caloundra City Private School.  This long term investment and vision for the community continues to attract people from around Australia and overseas. 

Local subcontractors; Hall Contracting manage large-scale civil, marine and environmental construction projects within the Pelican Waters Estate. Throughout the development stages, they were responsible for providing and maintaining a safe environment to protect the public health of the community.  It was essential that the quality of the major water sources (local canals and groundwater) were accurately and reliably tested. One of their projects involved measuring nearly 100 water samples on a weekly basis.  They selected to use the reliable TPS 90-FLT Waterproof Portable Multiparameter meter to assist them in measuring pH, conductivity, total dissolved salts and salinity over the course of the project.

TPS is proudly Australian made and are committed to manufacturing products of the highest standard to ensure accurate monitoring of environmental water.