The Definitive Guide to pH Probes:
Part 4 "Dry pH Probe Glass"

The Definitive Guide to pH Probes: <br>Part 4 "Dry pH Probe Glass"
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What's the big deal with dry pH probe glass?

It is well known in our industry, that pH bulb glass is no ordinary glass, it contains other ingredients that allow pH to be measured accurately. What is important to note, however, is that the glass must be hydrated! It is for this reason, that they have a cap on the end containing storage solution. If the glass dries out, then the pH readings cannot be relied upon, they may also be erratic and take a long time to stabilise.

If your sensor has dried out, soak it in some pH storage solution or some pH 4 calibration solution to get it working again. Never use distilled water to store your sensor, it will dilute the reference. Calibration will not fix issues with dry glass, it must be re-hydrated first.

A Quick rule of thumb to re-hydrate your sensor:

  • If it has been dry for 5-10 mins: Soak for 30mins
  • Overnight or longer: Soak for up to 24 hours

Keep your sensor wet! Also keep the cap on with some storage solution in it. It only needs a few drops. Bear in mind, that some caps come with foam in them to stop the solution from pouring out, don’t throw this away.

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