Cheap imported pH sensors, are they any good?

Cheap imported pH sensors, are they any good?
Authored By TPS Website
The honest answer is, maybe.

Probes from unknown manufacturers have the same problem as anything else from unknown manufacturers, unknown quality and unknown consistency.

Consistency is the most important thing in this situation. It is possible to buy a sensor that calibrates well and has a decent life span.

The problem is that there will be absolutely no way to know this.

If you buy a sensor that is poor quality, there is a chance you will know as soon as you calibrate it. Many sensors may simply not calibrate, or have such poor slope and offset values that they will have a very short lifespan. By the time you deal with 1 or 2 bad sensors and get a good one, the quality sensor for $150 starts looking cheap!

We actually performed our own trials on some sensors imported from China, and the results were mixed, and disappointing. The first small batch were OK, the 2nd batch of 50 sensors were all terrible. Not a single one could be considered good. Any sensors that actually calibrated had such a poor slope and offset that the were considered failures.

TPS sell quality sensors with warranty and support. Any instrument that uses standard BNC sensors can use TPS sensors too. If you want hassle free pH measurement, buy quality. Remember the most expensive does not mean the best quality either!

Whatever sensor you have make sure it is calibrated often, stored well and kept clean.

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