Benchtop Range Guide

SmartChem and LabChem Series 

The SmartChem and LabChem benchtop meters are ideal for quality control labs, plant operators, educational use and many other purposes. It has been designed primarily for ease of use. This range measures a variety of parameters including pH, conductivity, ORP,  dissolved oxygen and specific ions.

Simultaneous readouts
Easy to read LCD screen
Splash proof Design
Easy to use and Automatic calibration
Automatic Stability Function
USB data download (optional)


The pH Cube meter is a compact benchtop unit which is perfect for education and QA labs.  The pH Cube provides accurate and reliable measurements of pH, ORP and temperature, and are simple and very easy to use.

Tough, all steel construction
Bright LED display
Manual controls
Easy to use
Choice of 3 colours (Red, Blue and Silver)

Here is a guide on our benchtop models and which parameters they measure: