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Description This sensor is specifically designed for use with the 2082-DI, 88-DI and proCHEM-DI controllers. "D.I." stands for "Dilution Index" and is a measure of the moisture of sugar on a moving conveyor. The detachable cable design means cables can be replaced without needing to purchase a new sensor.

This sensor is not suitable for moisture measurement in any other application.

Range 0 to 50 D.I.
Temperature Range 0 to 50 oC (32 to 122 oF)
Electrode Type 2 Brass rods, insulated with fibreglass.
Temperature Compensation Automatic, 0 to 50 oC via a thermistor built into the cable junction box.
Dimensions 130 x 13 mm
Description Part No
Sugar D.I. Sensor 112204
5m cable for Sugar D.I. Sensor 130047
Extra cable (order by the metre) 130040


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